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TÜV Thüringen LLC has highly qualified certified specialists equipped with vehicles, the latest instrumentation and complexes, allowing carrying out quality control of construction and installation works using modern technologies. Among them, engineers, technical supervision, specialists in non-destructive types of control of the 2nd and 3rd level, experts certified by international standards, such as ASNT, ASME etc., surveyors, specialists in the control of insulation, electrical, general construction, works, welding production of the 2nd, 3rd level.

TÜV Thüringen Promservice Ltd. has developed methods and procedures for quality control of all types of construction and installation works. In the quality control work during the construction, more than 200 specialists are employed on a permanent basis.

TÜV Thüringen Promservice LLC carries out construction control (technical supervision) of the quality of performance of the whole complex of works during construction, starting with the supervision of the manufacture of pipes, parts and fittings at manufacturing plants, their transportation to construction sites, quality control of construction and assembly works and ending with the completion of construction objects to acceptance commission, and includes:

  • Checking of the conformity with the standards, rules (including design solutions) of documentation for equipment and materials, as well as, if necessary, documentary evidence of the functioning of the quality assurance system at manufacturing plants;
  • Supervision of the contractor’s conduct of input quality control of materials, products and equipment entering construction sites, and over compliance with the conditions for storage and storage;
  • Checking the readiness of construction and installation organizations to carry out work on the project;
  • Quality control of geodetic and earthworks;
  • Operational control of welding, earthen, insulation, laying and ballasting works;
  • Inspection (backup) quality control of welded joints of pipelines;
  • Monitoring the testing of pipelines for strength and testing for tightness;
  • Quality control of general construction works;
  • Quality control of the construction of ground-based facilities: compressor and pumping stations, gas distribution stations, access roads;
  • Acceptance of hidden works with the design of the relevant documentation or relevant permits;
  • Conducting in the framework of construction control (technical supervision) of complete or selective quality control of the work of the contractor using visual, instrumental and physical methods of control;
  • Confirmation of the quality and scope of work performed by the contractor;
  • Participation in the preparation of executive documentation;

Modern control equipment and measurement tools allow us to fulfill all customer requirements and ensure high objectivity of control. TÜV Thüringen Promservice makes extensive use of automated ultrasonic quality control of welded joints in the field, radiation flaw detection, etc. All types of construction and installation work carry out quality control: preparatory, excavation, loading and unloading, transport, welding and assembly, insulating and laying, electrochemical protection, general construction. Our company constantly improves the technical level of construction and installation works, uses highly efficient equipment and new technologies. High quality of project implementation is achieved through the coordinated work of the company's specialists and the customer, the use of modern equipment, as well as the continuous improvement of the quality management system.

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