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TÜV Thüringen Promservice provides a wide range of services, the quality of which meets the highest international standards. Employees of the company own technologies to solve problems of any level of complexity. On the account of its specialists - carrying out inspection work, deserved the highest praise of customers in Russia, Germany and around the world.

Technical Supervision

Technical supervision of the design and operation of pressure vessels:

– according to directives;

– according to ASME standards;

– according to IBR requirements

– as representatives of IBR (Indian Boiler Regulations).

Quality and quantity inspection

  • Metal products:

– Flat rental;

– Seamless and welded pipes;

– Forged billet;

– Round billet;

– Slabs, square and rectangular billet;

  • Long products.
  • Steel structures.
  • Pressure vessels.
  • Bulk cargo (coke, ore, coal, clay, ferroalloys).

Material Testing - Non-Destructive Testing

  • Ultrasonic control;
  • Visual control;
  • Magnetic particle inspection;
  • Thickness measurement;
  • Capillary control method;
  • Electric method.

Technical supervision (inspection) for the production of rolling stock

  • Gondola cars;
  • Flat carriages for sheet metal;
  • Platform carriages for large-capacity containers;
  • Wagons for pellets;
  • Cement wagons;
  • Covered wagons.

Price expertise of contracts

The implementation of the valuation of contracts for its compliance with the market in the following countries:

– Iran

– Uzbekistan

– Somalia

– Republic of Congo

– Burkina Faso

– Cameroon

– Ghana

– Guinea

– Haiti

– Liberia

– Mali

– Mozambique

– Senegal

– Togo

Grain Cargo Inspection

  • Acceptance of grain cargo for storage;
  • Definition and control of the state and quality of grain cargo during storage;
  • Determining the quantity and confirmation of storage of cargo;
  • Shipment of grain cargo to the ship.

Consumer Products Inspection

  • Visual detection of the presence and classification of defects in fruits and vegetables;
  • Measurement of product temperature and storage temperature;
  • Organoleptic product testing
  • Tally account.

Inspection Services in the Container Shipping Market

  • Inspection of damage to the container;
  • Inspection during loading of cargo in the container;
  • Inspection during unloading of cargo from the container;
  • Control of loading or unloading of the container.

Inspection of oil and gas equipment

  • Pipes of various sizes;
  • electric motors;
  • Compressors;
  • Booster compressor stations;
  • Block equipment;
  • Separators;
  • Blocks of valves;
  • Material warehouse.

Inspection of the quantity and quality of petroleum products

  • Inspection of railway tanks;
  • Inspection of sea and river vessels;
  • Inspection of tank storage tanks;
  • Monitoring of tank farms and refineries.


It does not matter whether we are talking about products, systems, processes or states. The condition for targeted development and improvement is the analysis of the current situation. If independent third parties will conduct the analysis, this will guarantee objectivity of the results.

We use the rich experience and knowledge of specialists and experts to analyze technical and production systems, products and personnel.

Certification under the rules of the IRS (Indian Shipping Register)

TUV ThueringenPromservice are official representatives of the Indian Shipping Register.

We are ready to provide all services for the certification of a metallurgical plant that wants to enter the Indian market.

Product acceptance according to IBR (Indian Boiler Register)

Ours is practically the only representative of the Indian Boiler Register in the territory of the CIS countries.

We are ready to help you enter new markets.

Laboratory equipment inspection

In this direction, TÜV Thüringen Promservice has worked for many years and together have vast experience in conducting indirect and direct equipment checks.

We also note that our company accompanies indirect checking of headframes at the NIST Institute.

Laboratory analyzes and tests

Having our own and cooperating with many other TÜV Thüringen Promservice laboratories, the qualified staff of our joint venture is ready for laboratory analyzes / tests of any complexity and in accordance with any standard and procedure. We can conduct tests ranging from chemical analysis to testing for impact, tensile or falling loads. Qualified metal scientists are ready to defend your interests.

Order information support

  • Coordination with the Customer of detailed reporting requirements prior to the start of the project;
  • Bringing the periodicity and format of reports in accordance with the requirements of the Customer;
  • Prompt provision of information on the current state of the project, the use of modern technologies and means of communication;
  • The customer himself determines the time intervals for reporting (daily, weekly, based on the results of the visit, upon acceptance of the product);
  • Ability to select the language of the workflow (Russian, English);
  • Performance of work in accordance with

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