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On the basis of the testing laboratory of our partners "Research and Testing Center for Welding Technologies and Non-Destructive Testing Center "Spectrum ", we can provide services for a range of specialized mechanical, metallographic and other tests.

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Static tensil (flat specimens)

Testing of welded joints or base metal

GOST 1497-84; GOST 6996-66; DNV-OS-F101; ASME IX; EN ISO 4136 EN ISO 5178; ASTM A370


Static bending

Testing welded joint

GOST 14019-2003 (ИСО 7438-85); GOST 6996-66; RD 03-495-02 API 1104 ISO 5173; Welding instructions for MG Bovanenkovo - Ukhta with working pressure up to 11.8 MPa; ASME IX; DNV-OS-F101; EN ISO 3183; ASTM A370


Impact bending (at test temperatures from -196°C to +100°C)

Testing of welded joint or base metal sections at different temperatures

GOST 9454-78; GOST 6996-66; GOST 22848-77; ASME IX DNV-OS-F101; ASME B31.3; EN ISO 148-1; EN ISO 9016; EN ISO 3183


Static tensile (cylindrical specimen)

Testing metal of weld or base metal

GOST 6996-66, GOST 1497-84, API 1104, ASME IX; ASTM A370


Hardness Measurement

Hardness measurement of different zones of welding joint and base metal

GOST 6996-66, GOST 2999-75, API 1104, ASME IX; EN ISO 9015-1,2 DNV-OS-F101



Evaluation of the welded joint structur (number of pass, the mutual melting of the rolls, the dimensions of STV)

GOST 10243-75 (ST SEV 2837-81); ASTM E3; ASTM E340


Test of rupture of welded joints of pipes with a diameter of 89mm or less (tubular samples)

Testing of Welded Joints or Base Metal

GOST 6996-66; ASME IX; ASTM A370


Flattening test of welded joints of pipes with a diameter of 89 mm or less (tubular samples)

GOST 6996-66; ASME IX; ASTM A370


Testing for kink with incision (direct tie-ins)

GOST 6996-66


Determination of chemical composition

GOST 18895-97, GOST Р54153-2010


Determination of quasi-static crack resistance characteristics, cyclic tests (CTOD, J)

GOST 72688-82; BS EN ISO 15653-2010; BS 7448


Base metal quality check

Metallographic examination for non-metallic inclusions, grain ball, banding

GOST 1778-70; GOST R ISO 4967-2009; GOST 5639-82; GOST 21073-75; GOST 1763-68; GOST 10243-75; GOST 5640-68; RD 24.200.04-90; RD 03-495-02; ASME E 1382-97; ASME E 1245-2003; ASME E 1268-2001 P50-54-22-87; EN ISO 17639

* Upon agreement with the customer, other normative and technical documentation may be used in research and testing.

TÜV Thüringen Promservice has been working in this direction for many years and together has extensive experience in indirect and direct verification of equipment.

We also note that our company accompanies the indirect verification of impact drop machine at the NIST institute.

The company employs specialists in non-destructive testing of the 2nd and 3rd qualification levels, both according to the standards of the Russian Federation and European Norms, and ASNT.

We are ready to implement the following types of NK for you:
• Vortex-current method of control;
• Ultrasonic control;
• Visual control;
• Magnetic Powder Control;
• Thickness measurement
• Capillary control method;
• Electrical method.

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