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Foreign trade contract price examination is a complex of researches conducted by a qualified expert to clarify the question of legitimacy of the declared in the contract (invoice) value for this or that commodity, which crosses the customs border, for taxation purposes during customs clearance.

Documents required for price examination of foreign economic contracts:
Before carrying out any research:
1. Letter (application) for expert examination of a foreign economic contract on the letterhead of the customer's company.
2. Delivery contract.
After research:
Properly certified copies of documents. 3:
3.1. a foreign trade contract (contract) or a document that replaces it with its annexes and specifications (if any);
3.2. invoice (invoice) or proforma invoice (if the goods are not the object of sale);
3.3 if the invoice has been paid, - bank payment documents that relate to the goods being valued;
3.4 if available - other payment and/or accounting documents, which confirm the value of the goods and contain the details required to identify the imported goods;
3.5 goods transportation and shipping documents about technical, quality, consumer and cost characteristics of the goods, etc.;
3.6 copy of the import license, if import of the goods is subject to licensing;
3.7 technical condition certificates for goods, equipment, used vehicles and technical documentation on them;
3.8 customs declaration of the country of departure (if any);
3.9 price lists, calculations, commercial offers of foreign and domestic manufacturers, their representative offices and suppliers for the goods;
3.10 catalogs, other documents and information materials that are necessary for unambiguous identification of goods conveyed across the customs border
to make a decision on their cost.

As a result of the research - our company will issue a certificate of conformity / inconsistency, which is a conclusion for customs authorities.

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