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TÜV THÜRINGEN LLC. represents you:
• A new era in construction and monitoring of construction supervision systems;
• 3D, 4D, 5D - modeling with licensed latest generation software.
LLC "TÜV THÜRINGEN" has a staff with experience with drawings of any type of complexity. Each of our specialists has sufficient qualification to work with programs that are used in BIM (Building Informational Modeling). BIM technology provides a preliminary calculation and analysis of the model, through which we present alternative solutions for more accurate construction / reconstruction, daily tracking and analysis of delays in the implementation of the project, the state of construction at all stages.

TÜV THÜRINGEN LLC. uses the following licensed versions of the software in its work:

The profile of our company includes the following areas and services:
• Construction of drawings of various types and complexities in 3D;
• General plan in 3D;
• Design and monitoring during construction;
• Detecting errors in drawings and fixing them;
• Detailed MEP (Mechanical electrical plumbing) Mechanics, electrician, plumbing;
• 4D - Demonstration of project construction within a time frame;
• 5D - calculation of necessary materials and resources to ensure construction;
• Convenient applications for smartphones during construction for monitoring by the chief engineer and site manager.

TYUF Thuringen Promservis LLC
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