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Protection of health and safety of the personnel, along with high quality of work, is a priority area of our company.

In 2013, our company "TUV Thüringen PromService" was certified for compliance with the international standard of environmental safety ISO 14001:2004 and the standard of industrial safety and occupational health OHSAS 18001:2007.

Every three years, we confirm this compliance during supervisory and recertification audits. The certificates testify that the integrated management system of ecology, occupational health and safety, operating in the company, meets the requirements established by international standards. The management system allows to make a significant contribution to risk management, its correct assessment by employees and the application of measures to reduce them to an acceptable level.

Being aware of its responsibility for preservation of life and health of its employees, LLC "TUV Thüringen PromService" assumes the following obligations:
• comply with Russian law and other occupational health and safety regulations;
• ensure occupational safety and health of all personnel by taking preventative measures to prevent injuries and health deterioration;
• inform each employee about the identified hazards and health and safety risks at work places;
• maintain a high level of occupational health and safety training and continuously improve it through quality training;
• pursue an economic policy that stimulates the creation of working conditions that meet the state regulatory requirements for labor protection;
• provide personnel with modern means of collective and individual protection;
• ensure the functioning of all levels of production control over compliance and fulfillment at workplaces of legislative and other requirements in the field of occupational safety and health;
• increase the level of responsibility and ensure the involvement of each employee, regardless of their profession or position, in compliance with health and safety responsibilities;
• ensuring the availability of reliable information about the state of occupational safety in the company, both from the employer to the employee and in the opposite direction;
• continuous improvement of the occupational safety management system to maintain it in a way that meets the current needs of the society.

The management of “TUV Thüringen PromService” LLC. assumes responsibility for the implementation of this Policy by setting appropriate goals and objectives, planning and financing activities to achieve them, undertakes to respect these values and urges all employees to do so.

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